Edith Cavell Post Card Checklist

Edit. Franco-Belge, 27, rue Bodeghem, Bruxelles

Miss Edith Cavell as a nurse.

The Arrest and Judgment of Miss Edith Cavell.

The Murder of Miss Edith Cavell, (12 October 1915).

After the Murder of Miss Edith Cavell.

Misses Edith Cavell Tomb and Picture of the Martyr.

Memorial erected in Brussells to Miss Edith Cavell.

Inter-Art Co., Red Lion Square, London, W.C.

I. The Assassin threatens Miss Cavell nursing a wounded enemy.

II. The parody of justice at the court of the Assassin.

III. The murder. "Well done,: said the Assassin.

IV. The Murder of Miss Cavell inspires German "Kultur...

V. A welcome gift for Kaiser's Birthday.

VI. The victory of the victim.

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