New York Series I
by Rachael Robinson Elmer

            In correspondence with friends and family, Rachael Robinson Elmer tells of her wholehearted involvement in making post cards, and she fully intended to continue in the future. This woodblock series, created for a competition sponsored as part of the Biennial Celebration of the Association of Women Painters, Artists and Sculptors in 1916, titled - New York Series I - confirms her intention. Regrettably it was the only set she finished.

Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge - Late Aftrnoon
New York Series I - VI
[Editor's Note: note the missing 'e' in Afternoon.]

Times Building From Hotel Astor
Times Building From
Hotel Astor

The Stadium City College
The Stadium
City College

Woolworth Building June Night
Woolworth Building
June Night

Statue of Liberty
Statue of Liberty

New York Series I - I
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Grant's Tomb
Grant's Tomb
New York Series I - V