Round the Pyramids by R. Pick

This set of fifteen cards brings back all the fond memories of a trip to Egypt, where the average tourist
knows nothing of the language, the food, the transportation, or the people.
And too, he has no idea what Bakschisch is or how to use it to his advantage.

The set, published by the Cairo Postcard Trust, Cairo, Egypt, can be dated to circa 1909.

1. I am the man ... sir! Bakschisch!

4. (The obligatory Nile cruise.)

2. The Colossus of Memnon

3. (Artist at Work)

5. (The lamp.)

6. Kasr el Nil

7. (Afternoon nap on the Nile.)

10. (A visit to the ostriches.)

8. (Reward of the morning hunt.)

9. D . . n Cheops

11. (A camel ride.)

12. ("Smile, Sir, Look at the Camera.")

13. (Shadows)

15. (Car vs. Camel.)

14. International Flirt