Feature Articles
are long and detailed, usually containing more than 500 words.
Most are illustrated with postcards and/or photographs.

Sarah Bishop . . . the Hermitess of North Salem, New York. A story of courage and determination.
A Spain Gone Forever . . . after many years of collecting, the author is convinced that the streets remain the same, except for an occasional billboard, but those wonderful characters, the people who lived, worked and played in the streets a hundred years ago, are gone forever. What a shame.
Rachael Robinson Elmer's New York City Post Cards . . . a brief biographical sketch of the post card artist. A factual account based on years of research at the Rokeby Museum in Vermont, the Smithsonian Institution, the New York offices of the Association of Women Painters, Artists and Sculptors,and the library of the Museum of Woman in the Arts.
From the Things Happen In Threes File . . . is the story of the tragic death of Queen Astrid of Belgium. In 1935, the beautiful new Queen of Belgium was the first of three European princesses to suffer death in an automobile accident. Diana and Grace being the others.
World War II Naval Vessels from Wilmington, Delaware . . . thumbnail histories of the eight ships built in the Dravo Ship Yard between Spring 1942 and Fall 1944.

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