Ted Lewy's art gives the collector a close-up look
at what America was in the 1950s and 60s*

Ted Lewy's postcard artistry is easily divided into four categories
1. Hotels -- Postcards created for advertisements


2. City Art -- Postcards created as souvenirs

3. Scenes -- National Parks and other familiar landscapes
4. Fantasy -- Fairyland, an early California amusement park for children.
* Much credit and thanks go to the San Jose Postcard Club and its members for the work they have done in
authenticating the postcard art of Ted Lewy. They have published a complete list of postcards and other
artworks of Mr. Lewy and it is available for sale.

You may receive information about the SJPCC checklist by sending a SASE to:
San Jose Postcard Club
P. O. Box 32628
San Jose, CA 95152-2628

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