are intended as a guide for the collector who wishes to build a collection
based on the experience of others with similar interests.

Carl Abel's etchings of New York City
R. Pick's "Round the Pyramids"
Bernhard Wall's Greenwich Village . . . A checklist.
Edith Cavell . . . two sets of cards represent very different aspects of the Edith Cavell affair.
Chemin de Fer Post Card Checklist . . . a pictorial array of over 80 French Railroad advertising cards aimed at travelers of the 1900s through 1940s. This checklist is designed to define the field.

Private Breger

Private Breger: Complete Checklist.

Dave Breger's 1951 post card book, Squads, Write: Complete Checklist.

Mr. Breger on Vacation: Complete checklist.

Vilhelm Herold, Tenor . . . René Aagaard, Allerød, Denmark, presents this checklist of postcards from the Danish Opera.
Vilhelm Herold, Tenor, is a national hero in Denmark. See a collection of cards about him in full color.
Ted Lewy . . . an artist with extraordinary talent whose work is a fine example of Americana in the 1950s and 60s.
Rachael Robinson Elmer's New York Series I . . . woodblock was her favorite medium. [Editor's note: for more information on Rachael Elmer, click here.]
The Pilgrim Press: Old Testament Series . . . a complete list of the twelve cards in the set w/illustrations
P. F. Volland's Art Lovers' New York Series ... Rachael Robinson Elmer, the first American postcard artist sought help from the Volland Company to create twelve pictures that would become the first American artist drawn postcards. Volland named the series Art Lovers' New York. The set was published in 1914.
P. F. Volland's Art Lovers' Chicago Series ... Miles W. Sater, a Chicago newspaper artist of considerable reputation in his day, was employed by the Volland Company to create twelve pictures that would be used for a series of post cards called Art Lovers' Chicago. The set was published in 1914.
Manuel Wielandt (Post Card Artist, circa 1890s) Complete checklist. Manuel Wielandt's watercolor images of Italian towns include 100 cards divided into four series of 25 cards each. This checklist of his postcard images is a collaboration of two collectors, Susan Lane, of the Taconic Postcard Club in New York, and Ray Hahn, of the South Jersey Postcard Club. We welcome the collector and researcher to use this list and to fill in the unknowns. The list has been indexed both numerically and alphabetically.
Manuel Wielandt (German Artist, circa 1900, Rhine (Rhein) River Set... It has been thought for many years that Manuel Wielandt's Rhine (Rhein) River series contained just six cards, however, recent research has proven that assumption to be incorrect. With the help of two international contributors we now know there are at least ten cards in the set. The ten currently known images show cities and castles along the Rhine (Rhein) circa 1900.

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